"I think everyone has a God given-gift to do something in life and mine is to be a contractor."

Gregg Perrett, Owner and President of Perrett Construction Ltd,


Perrett Construction, Ltd was started in 1976 with the purchase of a one half cubic yard American dragline and a lot of ambition.  Employees and machines were added as the business grew from a small local contractor to a highway/heavy contractor working several hundred miles from Valentine, NE.
Perrett Construction, Ltd. specializes in grading projects.  We build bridges, concrete and steel culverts, spillways, dams, roads, railroads, landfills, wetlands, lagoons, etc.  We have worked with the Nebraska Department of Roads, Nebraska Public Power District, Union Pacific Railroad, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway and numberous others.
Perrett Construction, Ltd is known in the area for performing very high quality work.  We excel with our in house equipment repair and maintenance, to provide excellent machine availability.  We are very committed to our safety program.  We conduct weekly project toolbox talks and have annual safety training.  Most of our employees are CPR and First Aid certified.